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When our Premier announced this past Tuesday morning March 17th that Ontario was being placed in a State of Emergency, closing restaurants, public facilities and even places of Worship, we here at NBCC wanted to be the hands and the feet of Jesus. Therefore, a new program called;


Will come into effect this Tuesday morning that will help you tread these stormy waters over the next few weeks that involve four main basic services to keep you afloat. We as a Church are here for you through prayer and service, so remember the words of David in;

Psalms 46:10

Be still and know that I am God

We don’t have all of the answers, but we are doing our best as a Church to meet every need you may have and if you see an area of opportunity that is needed, please call or email the Church so we as an assembly can bridge that gap. Here are the four essentials within Compassion Care.


1. Compassion Prayer

As we walk hand in hand together through this pandemic, we want to make sure that you are covered in prayer, as prayer is our direct line to the Lord. At any-time of the day you can log onto our Churches website and click on the link “PRAYER”, fill out the prayer card and our intercessory prayer warriors will bring your need, your family or any storm you are facing, before the throne of the Lord in confidence, on your behalf. Click on the link below.

2. Compassion Care Center

As we have seen, that when the COVID-19 Virus reached our nation, panic, worry and fear ravaged the human heart as people hoarded the basic essentials that are needed. We as a Church want to help stock your shelves with not only care and love but with food. If you are in need of certain essentials like, pasta, beans, rice, cereal and corn we will provide a basic package of food to get you through, so that your family will not go hungry.  Click on the link below.

3. Compassion Connection

When you really think about it, connection is key…We love communication, connection, friendship and even the simple opportunity to fellowship with one another. Communication creates a bond and since most public gatherings have been subverted do to the COVID-19 Virus, we want to connect with you in a virtual arena on Facebook, YouTube and even Twitter streaming Sunday morning services, weekly Bible studies and Teen Bible studies to keep you and your family submersed within the word of, connected to God and faith. Click on the link below